Community Amenities

Within a short walk of your home you’ll find a beautiful Living Well Center, parks and greenspaces, creeks and trails all surrounded by lush woodland forests. As a neighbor in The Ramble you and your family have access to these outstanding amenities.

New Amenities Coming Soon!

We are currently adding the following new amenities around the Living Well Center and below is an artist’s rendering of the area once completed (estimated to be completed in 2019).
• Pickleball Courts
• Bocce Courts
• Fire Pit & Seating Area
• Shaded Observation Seating
• New Wayfinding
• Updated Tennis Court Fencing

Longmeadow ParkLongmeadow Park

A grand open space in the tradition of Central Park, Longmeadow Park is an outdoor living room for all seasons. Endowed with a natural amphitheater that frames its striking open air pavilion, the park is home to The Ramble’s popular Concert Series and is considered the community’s geographic heart.

Amenities include English formal gardens, open air pavilion with restrooms, children’s playground, basketball court, multi-purpose field with soccer goals, and a hand-hewn stone fire pit.

Living Well CenterThe Ramble Living Well Center

Relax in its heated saline pool. Enjoy a daily workout in the well-equipped exercise spaces. Gather with family and neighbors by the fireplace in the great room.

Features include a saline pool, lighted tennis court, fitness center, a yoga studio and cycling room, demonstration kitchen, outdoor barbeque, great room with fireplace, connected to walking trails, and a collection of art unique to The Ramble.

Staffed GatehouseStaffed Gatehouse

The Ramble’s main gatehouse along Valley Springs Road welcomes residents home with timeless architectural refinement.

Buck Spring CabinBuckspring Cabin

Formerly part of George Vanderbilt’s Buck Spring Lodge on Mount Pisgah, the Buck Spring Cabin now serves as a quaint community gathering space along The Ramble’s trails near Dingle Creek.

Bow BridgeBow Bridge

Inspired by its Central Park namesake, Dingle Creek’s Bow Bridge is the community’s signature gem and a favorite with resident photographers.

Crescent ParkCrescent Park

Entering through The Ramble’s main gates, residents first encounter Crescent Park along Valley Springs Road. This tranquil park is a popular destination with its sitting areas that surround a pond.

But there is more than meets the eye. In addition to being an attractive amenity for residents, Crescent Park Pond actually functions as a bio-retention basin designed to filter stormwater runoff. The pond allows any pollutants and sediment that run into The Ramble’s drainage system to be trapped and prevented from entering natural waterways. Over time, these pollutants break down and can be partially absorbed by plantings that include Carolina Sunset Day Lilies and Blue Flag Water Irises.

Overlook ParkOverlook Park

On the way to Biltmore Park Town Square via the southern gate is Overlook Park. After a hike or bike ride through the grounds of The Ramble, the park is an ideal spot to stop and rest while taking in the scenery from one of its benches perched along its sidewalk. Descending into the park, visitors will find a charming bridge close to a trickling waterfall.

For those seeking time in the woods, Overlook Park awaits.

Dingle CreekDingle Creek

Running through the center of The Ramble and accessible via trails, Dingle Creek and its tributary streams offer residents many opportunities for exploring nature throughout the community.

Gate to Biltmore Park Town SquareGate to Biltmore Park Town Square

Only 1.3 miles away from the southern gate of The Ramble lies Biltmore Park Town Square. This urban town center offers many dining, shopping and entertainment options just outside the back gates of The Ramble community.

Blue Ridge ParkwayBlue Ridge Parkway

Residents can enjoy unparalleled access to the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is in sight of The Ramble’s main entrance off of Hendersonville Road.

The Preview CenterThe Preview Center

Designed by architects Jim Cutler and Jim Samsel, The Ramble’s Preview Center epitomizes the community’s harmony between architecture and nature. Honored by North Carolina’s Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 2009 for design excellence, The Preview Center serves as a sales center and community building.

Community TrailsCommunity Trails

The community has an extensive trail system that connects neighbors to The Ramble’s parks and amenities.