What Current Residents Are Saying

“There are so many reasons why The Ramble is such a great place to live. We didn’t know just how great it was until we were living here. We were looking for a nice area that was centrally located and allowed us to build a new home.

Then we moved here and realized all the different things that make this place so special… It’s so peaceful and beautiful here. The scenery and nature will pull you in, but the community and hospitality will make you stay.”

About Life In The Ramble

Life in The Ramble community can entail a variety of activities. From enjoying the outdoors to social events, there truly is something for everyone within easy reach. Explore this page to gain a feel for the daily adventures that await when you call The Ramble home.

Gearing up to bike the trails and ride off weekend indulgences. Determined to beat the kids to Overlook Park.
Must finish the last chapter before Book Club at Buckspring Cabin tonight (although we all know there’s more to book club than books).
Bon appetit; joining friends for cooking class at The Living Well Center. Note to self: Need to host dinner party to show off new skills.
Although it's a "school night," we're sneaking out for a date night. Now if only we can agree on what movie to see and where to eat.
Watching the kids perform Cinderella this evening. Always knew their theatrics would come in handy. Thank you Drama Club!
Working in the garden and deciding what vegetables to grown this season.
Shopping for sunscreen with the kids since the pool opens next week. Maybe a new swimsuit too?
Prepping hors d'oeuvres for Last Sunday Brunch with neighbors. Bringing Mom's celebrated cheese ball. She would be so proud!
Heading to a concert at Longmeadow Park this evening. Looking forward to enjoying live music in a beautiful setting with our neighbors and friends.