Resident Stories

The Ramble is truly a community. When building your home in The Ramble, you can rest assured knowing that your neighbors share the same passion for quality craftsmanship, a connection to nature and a healthy grounded lifestyle. Children can play freely and safely, and the forest setting provides stunning year-round scenery. Building a sense of connectedness in addition to having beautiful homes and amenities has always been a priority to Biltmore Farms as the developer.

You’re invited to watch the videos below and hear what some current residents have to say about what it is like to live in The Ramble community.

Donald Gavin & Jayne Schnaars – Ramble Residents Since 2011
“I was in love with The Ramble after our short drive through the trees to the main gate. The beauty of The Ramble community so far surpassed anything that we had seen elsewhere that we knew that this was the place for us. We have great neighbors, we enjoy the miles of walking trails on a daily basis and we entertain often on our back deck with an outstanding view of the forest. I simply can not imagine living anywhere else!”

Nicole Baker – Ramble Resident Since 2010
“Nature grabbed us. The kids are outside all the time: on the paths and in the woods. The craftsmanship of our home and the setting it is in has so spoiled us that we have a hard time going anywhere else and not feeling like it’s better at home. We love living at The Ramble. We love it here. It’s a better way of life.”

Jennifer and Stephen Frabitore – Ramble Residents Since 2008
“The Ramble is a community of beauty and serenity where natural woodlands and rolling hills are preserved for generations of enjoyment. The beauty of the land, the quality and uniqueness of it’s master plan and vision, makes The Ramble one of the truly great and inspirational communities in the country. As a resident, the quality of the amenities and the quantity of the activities has surpassed The Ramble literature and our expectations!”

Sarah and Mike Butrum – Ramble Residents Since 2007
“Having lived in The Ramble for a year and a half, we reflect on the comparison to living here in a new home versus living in an older home in Biltmore Forest. Besides the significant differences in the homes, the most noticeable difference is the environment. How do you place a value on the tranquility of the setting with the convenience of living so close to everything? The Ramble certainly has its competitors, and as a Realtor in the area, I have been able to do a fairly comprehensive comparison. The Ramble’s amenities, such as security, miles of walking trails, and the Living Well Center, coupled with the focus on environmental sensitivity and healthy-built construction, all make for the premier place to live in the Asheville area. We made a very good decision, not only for a place to live, but as a great investment.”